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Shelter estimates 71,000 children spent Christmas in temporary accommodation

According to the homeless charity, Shelter, more than 71,000 children will have spent this Christmas in temporary accommodation. Government figures have recently revealed the plight of homeless children across the country who will be spending Christmas Day in hostels, bed and breakfasts, refuges and temporary private rented accommodation*. Some families will have to move several […]

The Liberal Democrat manifesto in practice

The following article by Helen Duffet originally appeared on the Liberal Democrat Voice website: It’s an unnecessarily well-kept secret that the Liberal Democrats have already achieved much in Government since the General Election. Despite the Guardian saying today that “the Liberal Democrats have rushed out a checklist of 67 party manifesto commitments already or nearly […]

Simon Hughes appointed as special advocate for access to education

Simon Hughes, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Simon Hughes has been appointed as a “special advocate” for access to education, with the task of explaining the Povernment’s policies on higher and further education, especially to young people from poorer backgrounds. Simon Hughes was one of the MPs who refused to support the government’s […]

Nick Clegg’s New Year message to Liberal Democrat members

The following article was posted by Helen Duffett and was also published on the Liberal Democrat Voice Website. Nick Clegg has released his New Year message to Lib Dem members, a simple and positive riff on the party’s four key manifesto commitments from the 2010 General Election. In fact, for a New Year’s message, it’s […]

Offshore wind farms could deliver 1,000′s of jobs in Humberside

Developers believe that green energy is set todo the same for Humberside as oil and gas did for Aberdeen in the 1970s. Wind energy only generates a small proportion of our energy requirements, but there are plans for huge new offshore wind farms, which have the potential to create thousands of new jobs. Ports and […]

Survey by Age UK reveals half a million stay in bed to keep warm in winter

A survey by Age UK has revealed that 4% of over the 60s in the UK, or 553,000, stay in bed to keep warm in the winter. On these figures at least 500,000 pensioners will have stayed in bed over Christmas, just to keep warm, and it has emerged that more than a million are […]

DWP says 1.5million have been claiming incapacity benefit for more than five years

According to figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions nearly 1.5 million Britons have been claiming incapacity benefit for at least five years. The statistics show that almost £66billion has been paid in incapacity benefits over the past five years.  1,478,010 long-term claimants have been paid incapacity benefit of £91.40 a week for the last five years, […]

No time found in Parliamentary time table to hold promised free vote on foxhunting ban

No time is going to be found in the parliamentary time table to hold the promised free vote on the foxhunting ban which was introduced in 2005. Earlier this year, Alice Barnard, the head of the Countryside Alliance, said that people living in rural areas would not understand it if the vote was not held […]

Conservatives claim that Labour’s PFI debt will cost five times as much for building projects

According to the Telegraph, the Conservatives are claiming that Taxpayers will end up paying five times over for building projects that were funded by Private Finance Initiative deals commissioned under the last Labour government. These schemes were a scheme that was developed under Gordon Brown as chancellor and it involved companies paying the initial capital […]

Simon Hughes says the Coalition must loosen spending curbs to help economy

In an exclusive interview with the London Evening Standard, Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal-Democrats tells Political Editor Joe Murphy why it is time for the Government to show some generosity. Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, today called for George Osborne’s spending limits to be relaxed if the economy […]