Labour responds to widespread public concern over dog fouling in N E Lincs – by issuing total of £100 fines!

It has recently been discovered, following questions raised by the Liberal Democrats, North East Lincolnshire Council has collected only £100 in fines for dog fouling so far in 2012-13.

Labour’s  “zero tolerance” policy towards littering and dog fouling has brought in just £1,037 in fines that’s £937 for littering and just £100 for dog fouling – the equivalent of just two fixed penalty notices!.

I have spoken to many members of the public and attended many community meetings during 2012 and the matter of dog fouling and litter is raised constantly, but North East Lincolnshire Council leader Chris Shaw blames the lack of fines being issued for dog fouling on members of the public for not reporting incidents of dog fouling to the council!

He said:

“We have a zero tolerance policy and when we catch people, we fine them, but we need residents to report those who are responsible. We cannot have enforcement officers standing on every street corner 24/7

Cllr Shaw continued:

“Where members of the public are caught dog fouling or littering, they are first asked to put right what they have done. If they refuse they get a fine.”

What do you think of Labour’s attitude to public opinion? Should enforcement of laws such as those for dog fouling and litter be left to members of the public or should Labour take notice of public opinion and trake a stronger approach?

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