Danny Alexander to reveal single pension policy

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander has confirmed that the Coalition’s single tier pension policy will be unveiled tomorrow.

Ministers will describe their plans to introduce a single payment of around £144 to everyone who has worked for at least ten years, in the biggest  change in pensions  for decades.

Speaking today on Sky News, Danny Alexander said the changes would fix “some of the big problems” in the current system, with the changes meaning that stay-at-home mothers and millions of self-employed workers would no longer receive a smaller state pension.

Mr Alexander also announced plans to increase support for childcare and help parents get back to work.

The Lib Dem also said ministers will soon be setting out proposals to help parents with the “crippling costs” of care, saying:

“We’re going to set out a new system of support for childcare to ensure that people who want to go back to work have the support to do so”

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