Council preparations for snow in N E Lincs

North East Lincolnshire Council’s crews are currently gritting the road networks in the borough ahead of expected sleet and snow this afternoon (Monday, January 14).

Wintry weather is expected to be heavy at times throughout the afternoon and early evening. Reports suggest that it should peter out at around 7pm.

The council also has teams and equipment on stand-by to treat priority footways in and around the town centres.

Jason Longhurst, head of development, said: “The weather reports suggest that the area will be hit by persistent snow for the majority of the afternoon and into the early evening.

“Many of our networks were treated throughout the weekend and early this morning in order to ensure safe driving conditions for the Monday commute.

“The crews are continuing to treat the networks and are also ensuring that the secondary routes receive treatment prior to the arrival of the snow.

“As well as the anticipated snow, road surface temperatures will remain close to freezing throughout the day. They will fall well below zero overnight so we urge all motorists to take care and drive sensibly.”


Jason added: “We had only a light scattering of snow overnight but we want to reassure everyone that we are prepared for the heavier snow that is forecast this afternoon.

“It is within our pre-planned schedule to ensure the main road networks are clear, given the break in the weather we had this morning we have also been able to grit secondary road routes ahead of the snow making a return.

“Again we urge everyone to drive sensibly and to ensure that checks are made to ensure that vulnerable and elderly neighbors have everything that they need.”

Motorists are reminded to drive to the conditions, to take care even on treated routes and allow plenty of time for their journeys. Before setting out on any journey, check local and national media for travel information and avoid any unnecessary journeys.

There is a potential for some disruption to traffic. The council reminds drivers to check local weather broadcasts before setting out and to avoid any unnecessary journeys. Visit, or tune into your local radio station.

There is also a lot of useful information and guidance on the council’s winter service pages of the website. These pages contain updates on council services that might be disrupted during any period of severe weather.


Within the limits of available resources, it is not practical to provide the service across the whole of the Borough’s 380 Miles of road network. It is therefore essential that routes are prioritised and dealt with according to their importance: -


  • Category 1 & 2 – Main Routes: these are the defined primary routes, principal roads, important bus and commuter routes and roads and junctions leading to hospitals, ambulance stations, fire stations, major industrial sites and shopping centres. A map showing these routes is included on the Council’s website.
  • Category 3 – Secondary Routes: these are routes where drivers may experience loss of control due to winter weather that may lead to more serious problems such as routes on steep hills, alongside rivers or deep drainage ditches and main routes out of residential areas.
  • Category 4 – other roads: these are prioritised to focus on main urban areas, villages and then other rural roads.
  • Category 5 – footways and cycleways: these are prioritised to focus on the important links in town and local centres and at interchanges such as bus and rail stations, then other important links and those where steep gradients may cause problems.

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