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Edward Davey statement on the Climate and Clean Air Coalition announcement

by Les on January 28, 2013

Liberal Democrat Secretary of State Ed Davey has responded on the CCAC announcement on working with oil & gas companies to reduce methane & black carbon emissions


“It is crucial that everyone plays a part in tackling climate change and I warmly welcome all those companies and countries that have voluntarily committed to substantially reduce venting, leakage, and flaring of natural gas from oil and gas production operations. I urge others in the oil and gas sectors to do likewise.

“The UK is fully supportive of all or any action to reduce Short Lived Climate Pollutants which are a crucial complement to action on carbon dioxide and other pollutants. We are therefore fully committed to maximising the great potential of the CCAC to achieve additional emissions reductions.

“However, the climate benefits of this valuable work will count for little if we are unable to achieve sufficient ambition in the main UNFCCC negotiations and to limit global average temperature rise to below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. The most cost effective way to achieve this is though an international, legally binding agreement.”

Read the press notice on the CCAC website

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