Humberside Police target drivers illegally using the regions roads

If you are driving a vehicle that has no tax, no MOT and is not insured, then you will be a target for Humberside Police during February in an attempt to rid the regions roads of people who are breaking the law.

From 01 February 2013 to 28 February 2013, officers from across the Humberside area will be pro actively targeting those people who frequent the roads in the area and don’t have a valid driving licence, have an MOT certificate or a vehicle which is taxed.

Throughout the year police do stop and seize vehicles, which are found to be on the roads illegally, however February will see a targeted campaign specifically focusing on those individuals in a bid to help make the roads a safer place to be across the whole region.

Roads Policing Inspector Paul SERGEANT said: “The aim of this campaign is to make the roads across Humberside a safer place to be and by targeting the minority of individuals who chose to break the law, putting the lives of others at risk I feel we can achieve this objective.

“It is estimated that around 32% of all the motor vehicles seized in the Humberside area relate to uninsured vehicles and unlicensed drivers. In 2012, police seized 1761 vehicles in Humberside, which equates to around 146 seizure per month. Let this be a message to people that we will take your vehicle if you are caught by police.

“We can do our bit by increasing patrols across Humberside, in attempt to locate these people but I would ask for people to please let us know if you suspect that somebody is driving a vehicle with no tax, or insurance, and if you think you know that somebody who is driving without a licence. It could be you, your family or your friends that ends up in a collision with one of these people and you will be the one left paying even if it’s not your fault.”

Anyone who wishes to inform police of somebody they suspect to be breaking the law is asked to call Humberside Police tel 101.


With reference to uninsured drivers: It is estimated that nationally one million motorists are thought to be driving without insurance, 13% of drivers think it is acceptable to drive without insurance and accidents involving uninsured motorists adds £30 to £60 to the premiums of other motorists.

With reference to unlicensed drivers: It is estimated that nationally 1.5m people drive without a valid licence and that there are around 6300 casualties annually involving unlicensed drivers, of which around 900 are killed or seriously injured.

Around 10% of all vehicles have no valid MOT certificate and 1.5million vehicles using roads across the country are un taxed – one third of those being motorcycles.

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