Help prevent rough sleeping in North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire Council is committed to helping homeless people stay off the streets and with your help can rescue people from putting their lives at risk by sleeping rough.

The council works in partnership with Harbour Place Day Centre to make sure that any person identified to us as sleeping rough will not sleep out for another night.

No Second Night Out is a national standard set to ensure that people sleeping rough do not spend another night on the streets.

People can help us by calling the 24 hour NELC Home Options Team number on 01472 313131 or Harbour Place Day Centre during office hours on 01472 344118 if they see someone sleeping rough. Callers need to give us as much information as they can, including:

  • Where you think the person is sleeping
  • Are they male of female
  • Estimated age
  • Distinctive features
  • What they were wearing
  • Colour of their sleeping bag

All this information will help our outreach workers find the rough sleeper and offer them help ranging from a place to stay to warm dry clothes and a hot meal.

When freezing temperatures are forecast for at least three nights running the council’s severe weather emergency protocol kicks in to keep rough sleepers safe in the cold. The protocol remains in place until minimum temperatures climb above zero.

The council endeavours to make sure everyone has a safe, warm place to spend the night when the protocol is in place and we do this with the help of our colleagues from local homeless charities and accommodation providers.

More than 20 homeless people have been helped since November including a man with suspected dementia who was sleeping in his car and another man who had lost his temporary National Insurance number and couldn’t work or claim any benefits. He now has a place to stay and has found a job.

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