Police update following incidents in Grimsby

 Police in North East Lincolnshire would like to reassure the local communities that the incidents which have taken place at the Mosque in Grimsby are being taken seriously and as enquiries continue officers have so far made a total of thirteen arrests.

The two separate incidents, which have resulted in the Mosque on Weelsby Road in Grimsby being damaged, are currently being investigated and the message from police is that anyone who is found to be responsible for either of the offences will be brought to justice.

On Thursday 23 May, police arrested 11 individuals following reports of some youths causing damage to several parked vehicles and also a Mosque on Weelsby Road in Grimsby.

Those arrested had been drinking at a nearby house party and were seemingly left to their own devices which resulted in the party getting out of hand and a group of teenagers causing a lot of damage and distress for residents in the area.

Following early investigations six of those people have been released without charge. Four 16 year old boys and a 15 year old boy have been released on bail until the end of June.

In a separate incident on Sunday 26 May, a Police Community Support Officer alerted the fire service to a fire at the exterior of the Mosque. The immediate response of officers meant that the arrest of a 33 year old man and a 37 year old man were made very quickly. Both men remain in police custody at Grimsby Police Station. There was no significant damage caused to the exterior of the building and nobody was hurt. As a result investigations are continuing into this incident.

At present there is no suggestion that the two offences are linked. Detectives, leading both investigations are considering if the mosque was targeted for racial reasons however it wouldn’t be fair to speculate around this aspect at present.

Chief Superintendent Tony Forbes said:

“The immediate response by officers, to both incidents at the Mosque on Weelsby Road in Grimsby lead to a number of arrests being made quickly and investigations are underway by detectives from Grimsby Police Station.

“I would like to remind people that these are serious offences which are being investigated and those who are responsible will be brought to justice.

“It is important to remember that those people who have committed these offences are a very small minority and they do not reflect the vast majority of people who live in North East Lincolnshire.

“The people who want to engage themselves in this type of criminal activity will be dealt with using all appropriate police resources and powers.

“I have spoken to community leaders and what is clear to me is the attacks will not be allowed to undermine the very good community relations in North East Lincolnshire. My officers will continue to work with all of our communities to protect them and ensure their safety.

Anyone who may have information which can assist police with their enquiries is asked to call 101.


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