Information for pet owners on pet travel

To bring your dog, cat or ferret into (or back into) the UK, it must be accompanied either by an EU pet passport or a third country official veterinary certificate.

The passport or certificate must show that your pet has been microchipped (a tattoo is only acceptable in certain circumstances), vaccinated against rabies and if necessary blood tested. It must also show that your dog has been treated against tapeworm.

Cats coming from Australia must be accompanied by a certificate showing protection against Hendra disease. Cats and dogs coming from the Malaysian Peninsula must be accompanied by a certificate showing protection against Nipah disease.

You are responsible for making sure you have the necessary documentation for your pet to enter the UK. Make sure it is correctly completed and your pet meets all the rules. If your pet does not meet the entry rules, it will not be allowed to enter the UK unless it is licensed into quarantine.

If you are bringing more than 5 pets with you to the UK, either from Europe or another country, then you will require additional documentation.

Pet passport

How to get an EU pet passport

In Great Britain, a pet passport is issued by an Official Veterinarian (OV). If your veterinary practice does not have a resident OV, your vet will tell you where the nearest one works. Your local Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency Office AHVLA can also provide these details.

When you go to get the pet passport, take your pet with you, along with its identity and vaccination record and, if applicable, the blood test result. Your pet will only need a blood test if you are taking it to an unlisted third country and bringing it back to the UK or other EU Member State later. In that case, the blood sample must be taken at least 30 days after your pet was vaccinated

Before you take your pet out of the UK, make sure that the vet has completed sections I-IV of the pet passport, and section V if it has needed a blood test.

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